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Let’s face it we all get stuck in a rut with our fashion choices at some point. Figuring out a few easy ways to change up your look will have you feeling fashionable on and ready for anything.Your text to link…a few versatile pieces can change your wardrobe from boring to fabulous. Keep a selection of camisoles in your favorite colors to pair with a skirt or jeans and your favorite pair comfortable heels to go just about anywhere. Slim fit trousers are in style so be sure to grab yourself a pair in black, white, and beige. They can be worn on weekends or to the office. A small, simple clutch will work with most outfits and is an easy way to add Flair and style to your wardrobe. A versatile light jacket can be paired for early morning or evening and should be something that will add your personal style on Instagram but be the polishing touch for your outfit. Whatever your style be sure to make your wardrobe up to date and comfortable. Comfort is fashionable today.

A modern company that has plenty of styles and adds the easy of being user-friendly is JustFab fashion subscription service. Customers fill out information called their Boutique before ordering. Each month JustFab selects styles of clothing to offer the client based on their preferences when they open their account.

JustFab offers a complete line of apparel, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Customer will pay a flat fee monthly usually around $40. A boutique or selection of outfits will be selected and can be chosen individually if desired. A month can be skipped if you don’t want to buy anything that month. Customers just need to log on online and select the option to skip the month without being charged. JustFab also has other branches such as Fabletics that are becoming increasingly popular.

JustFab is keeping up with Trends and making shopping an enjoyable experience for those that are short on time, or that enjoy having all of the thought that goes into shopping, made easy for them.

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Entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick DeVos has recently hired someone to be the new CEO of the Stow Company Inc. The new CEO is Phil Dolci. The Stow Company is par of the Windquest Group which is held by Dick and Betsy DeVos. Dick, being a successful business man, understands that there is a certain set of qualities needed to be a good CEO of a company. Therefore, he knows what to look for in a CEO. He knows what it takes to move a company forward so that it could grow. Among the traits he looks for in leadership are work ethic and a sound mentality.

Dick DeVos has had a long career of success. He has owned a lot of businesses and franchises including the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. He has married Betsy DeVos who works with him on various activities. Among the activities that the DeVos family is involved in is the non profit charity called The Dick and Betsy Foundation in which they conduct most of their philanthropist activities. They are highly involved in work on the community. They are looking for ways to facilitate opportunities for people to rise and overcome their circumstances.

Among the things they are involved in include bringing in school choice for children. There is also the right-to-work initiative. School choice allows for people to choose the type of schooling that their children are to be involved in. Among the different choices for education are public schooling, private schooling, home schooling and other forms of education. These days, people are more conscious about the school environment and the quality of education their children are getting, especially with the economic climate and societal problems that are being studied. Dick DeVos has shown that he is not just a successful businessman, he is someone with a heart for people.

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There are a lot of small business owners today who lack the funding and experience that is necessary to take their business to new heights. Over the past couple of years, many of these small business owners have turned to venture capital as a way to make an impact in the life of others. Anyone who wants to start investing in companies needs to make sure they have the risk tolerance to do so.

This is one of the riskiest ways to invest your time and money. Marc Sparks is someone who has had a lot of success in this area. Anyone who wants to invest in a small business needs to be able to provide the assistance necessary when the time comes. Marc Sparks had to start up a company when he was young with little funding or support, he knows how hard it is to scale up a company over time.

Marc Sparks

There are few people who have the knowledge and work ethic to succeed in business. Marc Sparks has started a lot of companies with great success over the past couple of years. Anyone who wants to invest in a business needs to make sure they have the capital necessary to do so.

Marc Sparks works with the business owners that he invests in for a variety of reasons. He is passionate about helping others in a variety of economic situations. There are a lot of people who want to work with someone who has experience and knowledge in the field. Marc Sparks certainly has the knowledge needed to scale up a company over time. Anyone who is wanting business knowledge or capital will find it with Marc Sparks.

Scaling Up Quickly

As a small business owner, one of the most difficult things to do is to scale up your company quickly with little capital. There are a lot of people who get into trouble by borrowing too much money in this process. When borrowing money, this reduces the future cash flow that a business can achieve.

Anyone who wants to function in a positive financial position needs to avoid debt at the early stages of their business. Getting venture capital funding is a great way to bridge this gap. Anyone who wants to invest in their business needs to make sure they understand how to do so with great success. Marc Sparks can provide that knowledge that is needed to take the next step in a business venture.

Future Steps

There are many people who say that Marc Sparks will continue to help others in his career. He has plenty of money and time to do whatever he would like with his life. Over the past couple of years, he has been able to help lots of companies and small business owners take that next step.

With his venture capital funding, he has been there for many people and will continue to help with his great business knowledge and acumen. He is a great example of the impact that one person can make on the economy.

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White Shark Media Review is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world. They currently have offices in the Unites States, Denmark, and Central America. They cater to small and medium sized businesses who are looking to increase their revenue through the power of online marketing.

Over the last couple of years they have garnered quite a bit of attention due to their rapid growth. As a matter of fact, they were once considered one of the fastest growing agencies in all of North America. That’s quite an accomplishment.

A big reason for their rapid growth is their ability to create cost effective marketing campaigns that produce amazing results. When you add that to the fact their customer service is the best in the business, you see why this company continues to grow year after year.

In an article posted on the Shopify blog, White Shark Media  is identified one of the best companies to work with if you are trying to start and grow an e-commerce business. When you work with them they focus on doing one thing, and that is helping you earn more money.

They have extensive experience with the Shopify platform and offer all e-commerce clients the following services:

Product listing ads

Full conversion tracking

Google Analytics

An expert from the White Shark Media Review team will help you implement these services on your Shopify platform. If you plan on running a Youtube Campaign, White Shark Media can help. They will take care of everything from start to finish. They will help you set the campaign up and also help you optimize it to ensure you reach your monthly goals.

If you run an e-commerce store and need a little help getting traffic, conversions and sales, contact White Shark Media today. Someone from their team will help you move your business in the right direction.

If you already have an Adwords Campaign set up, a team member will give you a free evaluation on your current campaign. If you don’t have an Adwords campaign set up, a team member will show you how White Shark Media can set up a successful campaign for your e-commerce business.

To learn more about White Shark Media and how they can help you take your e-commerce business to the next level, visit them online at While there be sure to download a free copy of their eBook, The Proven Adwords Strategy.


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The young generation represents the leaders of the future. They should be well educated, and they should also prepare for the future leadership. These people will be appointed to work in several positions in the future after they have completed their education. Most of the time, these young individuals go to work without acquiring any information and experience that is required, and when this happens, they face many challenges. The performance of the students after they have graduated is also affected because they are still trying to learn too.

Many employers in the modern time do not prefer employing people without any experience. This has led to the unemployment of many youths who have already completed their education. When the youths are not employed, several problems start to come up in the society, and every person in the surrounding gets problems.

The Newark Youths do not have to worry about unemployment or the lack of experience at work this year. 2016 seems to be a good year that has already started to favor them. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, a popular organization in the area, has come out to help the youth in the area. In partnership with Kevin Seawright, other individuals and organizations, Newark youth have something to smile about. The whole program will be taking place this coming summer, and a huge number of youth are expected to benefit from it.

The Summer Youth Empowerment Plan, an organization also based in the city will be involved in the empowerment program. The organization, in conjunction with the other individuals and organization, will be providing the Newark students with job opportunities lasting around six weeks. During the six weeks, the young people will have so much to learn.

First of all, the student will be given a normal pay, just like the other employees of the working institutions. This will make them to be motivated and also work hard to get to where the other is. Apart from getting the generous payment, all the students will be offering the first-hand experience which will help them in the future.

The students will also be given help about financial management so that they can understand how to plan their expenditure and make savings in the future when they have been given a permanent job. This is very important for them so that they can become important people in the future.

The application for the program has been made easy this year, thanks to technology. According to Kevin Seawright, the students can make their applications online if they are interested in the opportunity. In the past, this would have taken over four weeks, but currently, it only takes several minutes, thanks to technology improvement. The whole idea is to make sure that more youth get formal employment.  Kevin himself can be found on SoundCloud, as well as Twitter where he talks about the program.

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US Money Reserve is a leading distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins in the United States. The company also sells bullion. Its coins are fully certified and graded by the US government. The Business Consumer Alliance rated US Money Reserve with a triple A rating for its transparency, commitment to customer excellency and a clear refund and purchasing policy.

US Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas. The company’s address is 6500 River Place Boulevard in Austin, Texas zip-code code 78730. Both the company headquarters on and its vault are located at Austin. US Money Reserve has transacted business with over 300,000 customers across the country and abroad. The customers of US Money Reserve include individual investors looking to diversify their portfolios, regular folks looking to put money aside in the form of gold or silver and institutional customers. Major investment firms, banks and fund mangers are examples of institutional customers that trust US Money Reserve to as a supplier of gold, silver and other precious metals like platinum.

Why Should You Purchase Gold From US Money Reserve?

US Money Reserve has leading gold, silver and coin experts on their team. The company guarantees that its customers will have access to some of the best gold, silver and platinum available on the markets. The firm’s numismatic or coin expert also helps ensure that US Money Reserve clients get access to some of the most unique and in demand collectible coins on the market.

The company has recently released an exclusive Pearl Harbor Anniversary gold coin. Customers can expect to have the ability to buy rare collectible and special edition coins through US Money Reserve before other retailers even offer to sell them. This is because US Money Reserve is an industry leader in buying, selling and distributing gold coins.

All orders placed on US Money Reserve are fully insured and come with tracking. You will be guaranteed to have your gold, silver or platinum delivered to you or you will get a complete refund. Orders valued at over $25,000 get free shipping. Customers who have purchased over $50,000 with the company in the past year, automatically qualify for free shipping on all orders. Gold, silver and bullion shipments from US Money Reserve also require the signature of an adult. This is another way that US Money Reserve works to ensure that you receive your gold and that the shipment is secure. You can follow US Money Reserve on Twitter or LinkedIn and like them on Facebook to keep up with the company’s latest offerings and news.

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The life and business success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began during his time in school. He was a bright student and was able to pursue a degree in Economics from Boston College to his graduation in 1984. Steve went far ahead and pursued a master’s in business administration at Columbia Business School where he graduated in 1989. After his degree acquisition in 1984, he started building his business career as a credit analyst. Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was his first workplace. After he acquired his masters in 1989, he moved to MH Equity Corporation and stuck with the firm throughout its spin of mergers and acquisitions. Stephen Murray was appointed as the buyout business head at JP Morgan Partners. In August 2006, while still on his previous position, he founded CCMP Capital with his other partners. At this moment, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital operated as JP Morgan Chase’s emerging spinout. The spinout was made up of an experienced team of buyout and growth equity experts. Stephen Murray was named the new CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007 a year after it was formed. Throughout his business career, Steve established himself as a highly professional and experienced investor in private equities. At the peak of his success, he also started spending part of his time and resources doing philanthropic work.

Stephen Murray passed on March 12, 2015 according to the Wall Street Journal, roughly a month after he retired from CCMP Capital. During his career at the top of this global private equity firm, Stephen Murray was able to achieve a lot for the firm and also on his personal life. He was able to make a lot of friends in and out of CCMP Capital. The staff of CCMP Capital says that they will eulogize him as a role model and a friend who had a great impact on their lives. They said that Stephen Murray was less of a boss and more of a leader who appreciated teamwork as a major success pillar. He also gave them guidance on their various sectors in business. His colleagues at CCMP Capitals’ management said that Steve was a unique team player who values everyone’s input. They said that would much miss his guidance and insight that helped this firm achieve success. Above all, he was a dear friend to the all and helped them where he could. Stephen Murray passed on at the age of 52.

CCMP Capital is a privately owned equities firm that specializes in transactions in the buyout and equity growth sectors. This firm strives to offer its clients the best equity proprietary services in the market. This firm serves all categories of clients from all over the world who prefer it as their ideal investment partner. More so, CCMP Capital is focused on giving its customers cutting edge financial investment solutions that will help them prosper.

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Slyce has released a report for the end of fourth-quarter 2015, and the results reflect a company doing tremendously well. As reported on Yahoo! Finance, the company has raised additional funds, developed a number of new products, and has signed deals with new retailers. All of this indicates a company poised to do extremely well in 2016.

Slyce’s corporate offices are located in Toronto, but the company’s scope is global in nature. In fact, the company purchased an app based in the country of Israel. Prior to purchasing any apps, Slyce developed its own. The original app was designed to build upon the foundation of Amazon Flow. Slyce expanded the availability of image recognition search software.

There is a lot of faith in the success of Slyce. The Yahoo! Finance article reveals $7 million in additional funding has been approved. The company has a number of interesting plans for the funding. Slyce is always looking to acquire or develop new apps and programs. These apps and programs benefit consumer and retailer alike.

Slyce technology and programs is going to expand to scores of new websites in 2016. Several top retailers are signing agreements with Slyce. Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival are just two of those retailers. Previously, a toy company that signed an agreement with Slyce proved to be very rewarding. Word of the success is spreading, which is why more companies are choosing to form partnerships with Slyce.

Software capable of running searches with 3D images is absolutely perfect for a retail website. The online inventory of any retailer is going to be filled with photo images. Searching through those images to locate merchandise makes the process a lot easier for consumers.

New programs noted in the fourth-quarter review include a content management system, a coupon-management platform, a 3D image recognition unit, a universal scanner, and more. The continual development of new programs has contributed a great deal to Slyce’s continued success.

Many are eagerly anticipating the release of the first-quarter 2015 report. Slyce definitely will have some interesting things to report when it comes out.

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QNet made a proclamation to the media on International Women’s Day. QNet noted plans are being put in motion to draw in more women representatives. QNet doesn’t just want to sign up new women affiliate members. The corporation has plans to groom and train all newly-hired talent in order to increase the chances of success. With a strong force of women entrepreneurs working with QNet, the company could experience impressive sales figures in 2016 and beyond.

QNet is a growing company. With representatives in roughly 100 countries, QNET has become a major powerbroker in the direct selling world.

Direct selling is sometimes confused with multilevel marketing. There is a big different between QNet’s business model and multilevel ventures. Direct selling focus on retail sales removed from a retail store location. There is no “pyramid” structure to direct selling. The process is a lot simpler and, yes, more direct.

QNet is making a strong pitch to women with its direct selling opportunities. The potential to earn a lucrative income while maintaining a flexible schedule definitely has its upsides. QNet, unlike other direct sellers, has a very diverse inventory of products. From watches to weight loss aids, QNet has a lot of choice for sellers to sell. QNet also sells services including educational programs. Again, this adds to the diverse array of things a seller can pitch to would-be customers.

QNet has even developed products and services specifically for the Indian market. The company seems to be making a pitch to women entrepreneurs to help expand the success potential of the new Indian initiative. Based on the employee’s Glassdoor reviews, QNet’s representatives are very content in their positions with the company and appreciative of the opportunities they provide.

India has become a very important territory for QNet. Even though the company is based in Hong Kong and maintains offices in 25 countries, India seems to be taking precedence as a prime market. QNet made the decision to move 100% of all manufacturing to India. The huge move is expected to save QNet numerous costs while expanding the enterprise’s product line.


To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

India is also home to many of QNet’s most impressive humanitarian efforts. QNet has helped local hospitals, flood victims, and more. All of this has helped build up a very positive reputation in the Indian market. Likely, the good reputation QNet has developed should aid in attracting more women entrepreneurs to the cause.

Perhaps at the next big International Women’s Day event, QNet will announce the tremendous number of women entrepreneurs who joined in 2016.

Learn more about QNet by following them on Twitter here >>

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When it comes to the world of business and finance today, it seems that every day there is a story of a unethical practices, selfishness or immoral behavior. It happens so often that I find it difficult to have faith in any people involved in banking or finance. That is why the story of Helane Morrison who has been a standard of high character in all of her dealings throughout her career. Her reputation for honesty and personal integrity provides hope that there are people who will do the right thing, regardless of the financial wealth at stake. She has not only practiced moral behavior in finance but has made sure others have as well. 

Helane has been on a steady and consistent ride upward throughout her professional life. It began in journalism, but quickly moved into finance and protecting the wealth and rights of others to finally helping to redefine the work place in a high powered company. The things that she has accomplished have eliminated any glass ceiling for her achievements and also for all of those that will come after. Her story of power and influence spans a thirty year period and is continuing on today. 

It was during the financial crisis of 2007 and the astonishing bank failures that were occurring in our country that Morrison rose to prominence. The general confidence that people had in the banking system was at an all time low and someone needed to make sure that the system was fixed and investments were going to be fairly protected. Much of the blame for this financial crisis was placed at the feet of unethical business leaders who abused the rules to reap personal financial benefits. Helane became the person who held people accountable. 

In the beginning Morrison graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, but she wanted more and got her law degree from University of California at Berkley. From there she built a steady resume in the business world. First over a ten year span she built her reputation as a fair, honest, and hard working lawyer that handled business litigation, exposing violations of security laws and protecting the rights of those affected by any wrong doing. From there she moved to the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and began to move through the chain of command there. It was from that position that Morrison was able to restore much of the faith that people had in banking, investing and Wall Street in general. She provided a strong character for people to lean on and women to look up to as an example. Read more about Helane’s time with the SEC in this glowing review of her on WSJ.

Finally the call of private practice came to Morrison again and this time she was going to make an impact on equality in the work place. The financial service industry has been extremely lacking in female leadership throughout its history. So Morrison decided to infiltrate the “boys club” by becoming one of the female figureheads of the company Hall Capital. This is the largest and most successful investment advisory firm in San Francisco. Along with Sarah Stein and Kathryn Hall they are the only firm owned and run by women. It is a model that has disrupted the common thought process of people around the world. It proves that it is the talent a person possesses not whether they are a man or a woman that determines success in business. 

Morrison’s LinkedIn profile can give you an even closer look into her career.