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Many people belong to a multi-pet household and it isn’t uncommon for them to be different ages. When you add a new puppy to your family you may think it is easier to just feed both dogs puppy food. While it is certainly simpler, it may not be wise to have your adult dog eating puppy food.

Puppies are growing rapidly. They require additional nutrients in order to form strong bones and to support muscle and organ growth, such as the nutrition available in Beneful‘s Healthy Puppy. While additional vitamins and minerals may not be harmful to your adult dog, puppy foods often come with extra calories too. While puppies will use these extra calories effectively, this may lead an adult dog to put on unhealthy additional weight.

If your adult dog has already been enjoying the higher calorie puppy food and is now carrying extra weight, a change in food may be all it takes to return your dog to optimal health. Returning them to a regular adult dog food may lead to weight loss. You could also try a formula designed to help regulate your dog’s weight like Beneful’s Healthy Weight.

Ensuring both your puppy and your dog are getting the nutrients they need is important. By making sure each is eating properly, you are one step closer to maintaining a healthy family.

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Finding the right dog food for your new puppy can be challenging and nerve wracking. There are so many brands out there and selecting the right one is stressful, particularly as you likely want to do the right thing for your dog from the start. Many puppies aren’t all that picky and will enjoy almost anything you put in front of them. However, you have an obligation to make sure that your puppy gets the nutrition that they need to develop properly and lead a healthy life.

Dogs have different energy requirements at different points of their lives and their caloric requirements are more involved than simply feeling them slightly more or less food based upon their size. Puppies need dog food that is calorie dense and that has a higher fat content than the typical dog food.

The safest choice is to go with a dog food designed specifically for puppies. A good option is Beneful which is the largest maker of dog food in the world and a trusted brand. Beneful is part of Nestlé’s Purina brand. Nestle is a trusted manufacturer of all types of consumer goods. Further, Beneful is readily available, affordable, and has a flavor that puppies love. It is important that your puppy gets the right start in life. Start them with a quality dog food designed for the stage that they are in in life and introduce them to the world in the smart healthy way. You will benefit from this decision throughout your dog’s life.

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Organo Gold is a worldwide network marketing company that specializes in products that contain Ganoderma Lucidium, a mushroom known for its medicinal and antioxidant properties. The company, led by Bernardo Chua, Shane Morand and Holton Buggs, aims to sell quality products, inform the public about the benefits of the herb and help people to become successful through marketing the products.

In 2008, Organo Gold began operating out of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada in a small store with only three employees. Within only a few years, the company had become so successful that it became one of the fastest growing network marketing companies globally. Today, Organo Gold has spread into six continents, operates in over 35 different countries and has over 450,000 distributors. The vision of the company is to help individuals around the world to attain health, wealth and balance through using the Organo Gold products and the opportunity to be a part of the network. Due to the success of the company, Organo Gold was recently awarded the Dangal ng Bayan award in the Philippines, as well as two People’s Choice awards for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and for “Number One Global Network Marketing Company.”

Organo Gold founder and CEO Bernardo Chua, is originally from the Philippines. After spending several years in the marketing industry, he began the company with developing gourmet coffee infused with Ganoderma Lucidium. With his many years of marketing experience, the company soon grew to the global business it is today. Chua is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal, a highly sought-after award that recognizes individuals who follow the personal success principals of author Napoleon Hill. He has been a leader in the wellness industry for over a decade and continues to build his company through his many years of marketing experience.

Though the company first began with coffee, it has branched out to include many different food, personal care and wellness products. These products include Single-Serve Brewkups, which offer single servings of the world-class coffee. Other coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverages are also sold by the company. More recently, Organo Gold developed a line of Neutraceuticals, herbal pills with Ganoderma Lucidium, as well as soap and toothpaste products.

Ganoderma Lucidium is the key ingredient in the products developed by Organo Gold. Sometimes referred to as “The King of Herbs,” its uses have been traced back to the Ming Dynasty. The mushroom is organically grown and harvested at 18 days, before being crushed into a fine powder using natural processes. The herb absorbs the bitter taste of the coffee beans, while infusing properties into the coffees that are said to bring balance to the body.

Organo Gold is one of the few network marketing companies that has the strong leadership, reputable products, successful distributors and clear vision that is needed to continue to grow around the world.

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Communication is highly important in the modern world. People today need to be able to express themselves well. Someone who can write well will find that they are able to do well academically as well as at work. Developing one’s communication skills can be done in certain ways. Many people find that it is best to spend some time in life learning working on their writing skills. Many people find that it is ideal to practice their writing skills in a low stress environment where they can get feedback on their writing skills without worrying that it may negatively impact their career or reputation.

One of the best ways to help improve a person’s writing skills is by writing articles for Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a well known website that offers users information about nearly any subject imaginable. People can search through Wikipedia to find articles about subjects including contemporary Australian politicians, the moons of Jupiter, the history of the English monarchy and how to groom a cat. Articles on Wikipedia are written by ordinary people who register at the site. Those writing articles do not need to have a specific expertise in the articles they choose to write about for the site.

Learning to make a Wikipedia business page can help teach writers all kinds of important writing skills. Those who write articles for the site must be able to adhere to the site’s stated guidelines and basic writing requirements. Writers must know how to convey information about their chosen subject in a way that helps the reader fully understand the subject. Many people find that working with such guidelines can help them learn how best to write other kinds of articles such as research papers that may require the ability to use other sources of information effectively and incorporate such sources into the main body of an article.

Writing Wikipedia articles also means working very closely with others who may criticize the writer’s work or even decide to change it. Learning to work with such criticism can be very helpful as it allows the writer to be prepared to take criticism gracefully and learn from it. The community of writers at Wikipedia often consists of people who know a great deal about writing non-fiction copy very well. Those who join the community can often improve their own understanding of this skill by interacting directly with such skilled writers.

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Dog owners have many choices for the food they want to give to their beloved pets. There are many choices and price ranges. If you want to make sure you are feeding your dogs the best, most nutritious dog food choice, you should choose Beneful dog food. It will help your furry friend live a happy and healthy life. Beneful dog food offers your pet quality nutritious and delicious ingredients.

There are different types of Beneful dog food you can choose for your beloved pet. You can choose from the wet dog food line. It offers your dog delicious flavors and great nutrition. There are twenty different types available so that your dog does not get bored of his food. Some the various flavors include pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. The Hearty Roasters line offers your dogs big chunks of food while the Chopped Blends line offers them thinly diced dog food. Every line of dog food contains real ingredients like barley, carrots, green beans, and barely. Food lines come in 3 ounce multi-packs and 10 ounce tubs that are resealable. You can also find Prepared Meals and Medleys dog food lines from Beneful.

If you want to treat your favorite pet with a snack, there is also a Beneful Brand Baked Delights dog snacks that you can purchase. The Beneful snacks are baked and made with lots of love. Your dogs will be grateful for the delicious tastes and unique textures. You can find them in a variety of your dog’s favorite flavors such as beef, bacon, peanut butter, and cheese. You can also find the Beneful snacks in a variety of textures like crispy crackers to shortbread cookie snacks.

More details regarding Beneful snacks:

Beneful Dog Snacks Stars is one of the shortbread snacks can be found with cheese and bacon or cheese and chicken. The Snacks Hugs line of Beneful snacks for dogs contains cheese and beef and are crispy and have a softer center. The Dog Snacks Snackers line is made with cheese and peanut butter. It is oven baked and have a softer center. The Snacks Quacks Beneful brand snacks contains hickory smoke and cheese flavors. It has a crispy texture.

With so many choices and great flavors, your dogs are sure to thank you and enjoy eating Beneful dog food brands every day! Treat your dogs with the best. Do not settle for other dog food brands or dog snacks. Your dogs will be happier and healthier eating Beneful brands.

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We have all had an argument with our significant other before. When they happen in public though they can be a bit more frustrating.It is irritating to most when there are people you do not know staring and listening to your argument. Most of though however have a calm enough demeanor about ourselves that we can calm down and just talk about it later while going on about whatever business it was that we were attending to. Jim Dondero has learned that this was not the case recently in La Brea. On Sunday afternoon after an argument at a nearby gas station a lady began walking down the street. Her angry counterpart sped at her and in what is believed to be an attempt to hit her with the SUV the man managed to run through the building of the East India Grill. Luckily noone was hurt in the incident.Thanks to one bystander you can see a picture here. No arrests have been made at this time as the individual was not present on scene when police officials arrived on scene.

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Kraft announced both a regular and special dividend today.

The payment of both dividends is contingent on the completion of the proposed $46 billion merger between Kraft and Heinz.

If the merger is completed after July 27, 2015, the regular dividend of $0.55 per share will be paid out to shareholders of Kraft on July 30th.When the merger is finalized a special cash dividend of $16.50 per share will be issued to the shareholders of Kraft. If the merger does not go through the cash dividend will not be paid. Kraft shareholders will own 1 share of the combined company for each share of Kraft that they hold. After the merger, Kraft shareholders will own 49% of the combined company.

Heinz was brought private a few years ago by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and a Brazilian investment firm, 3L, which has a history of turning around brands by cutting costs and improving profits. 3L will have a strong role in running the combined company that controls eight brands that have sales over $1 billion annually. The combined company will have $28 billion in annual sales.

The merger is pending the approval of shareholders, though the agreement has been approved by the board of directors of both companies. Madison Street Capital found this pretty interesting. In addition, there are some regulatory thresholds to clear though the transaction has been approved in Canada. The deal is expected to be approved and finalized in 2015.

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Nestle, Kraft, Campbell’s, and numerous other processed food companies have lost more than 4 billion dollars in market shares in the 2014 fiscal year. Many of these companies know that there is a huge shift in the food industry when it comes to consumer habits and the way consumers look at food. Consumers have taken a huge liking to buying fresh and organic produce and protein based products. Supermarkets are designed to place these items on the outskirts of the map of the grocery store. Processed food companies can find their food in the middle aisles of the store where they share the shelves with other companies. If consumers are staying on the outskirts of the store in order to get healthier and more organic food, the processed food companies aren’t even getting a chance to market their products to consumers. Instead, these larder food companies are looking to purchase the smaller companies that they are finding themselves in competition with. Last year, the Campbell’s soup company bought an extremely small, but very profitable Bolthouse Farms company.


Bolthouse Farms makes and manufactures real fruit and vegetable drinks. The production of the fruit juices lets the company set up shop on the outskirts of the store. If people buy the Bolthouse Farm juices it gives Campbell’s a better stance and presence in the food industry as opposed to only selling processed soups and food. Other companies have been advised to follow the same game plan if they want to stay up to par with the Big Food industry. That is why Crystal Hunt is paying close attention to it all on Facebook.

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Fast food has long been the brunt of professionals and experts who believe that added chemicals in fast food are slowly causing serious harm to the body. Many warnings have suggested that people should move away from the fast food restaurants that they know and love and eat in a healthier manner.

It seems from a new study that fast food has very high contents of trans fats, or tans fatty acids. It is these fats that tend to hinder our emotional responses and cause many to feel depressed and blue. When combined with research into the level of trans fats that people had in their system, it seemed that those with higher levels had more difficulty controlling their emotions.

Individuals with lower trans fats in their system tended to be able to control their emotional responses better says CipherCloud in this article. these individuals also possessed a more positive outlook on life and their general well being, and did not suffer from feelings of depression as often.

Aggression is also an outcome of consuming too many trans fats. People with higher levels tended to act out in a more aggressive manner than those who had lower levels. While these psychological findings are relatively new, the older findings into trans fats still stands. those who consume more of these fats tend to have a higher risk of heart problems and strokes, and also have higher cholesterol levels.

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With much publicity regarding artificial colors and flavors in processed foods, General Mills, a leading manufacturer of processed foods, such as breakfast cereals has taken an aggressive stance towards the eradication of such harmful substances to individuals.

General Mills stated that more than half of the breakfast cereals don’t have artificial coloring agents and that by 2017, 90% of the cereal line will be artificial color and flavor free. Eventually, the entire line of cereals, which now includes Trix, Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs and Trix.

Here’s reason to applaud General Mills stance on artificial colors and flavorings. Approximately five years ago, research scientists discovered that artificial colors No. 5 and 6, could possibly trigger the onset of Attention Deficit Disorder in youngsters. Sweden, and Norway have been proactive in the prohibition of the use of artificial colors, and the European Union has mandated that any products containing artificial colors, and flavorings, must contain a warning label stating, “May have an inauspicious outcome on activity and courtesy in children.”

As for the favorite of kids worldwide, Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft will remove all artificial colors, and preservatives, and replace them with natural ingredients, such as turmeric, paprika, and annatto, which are orange and red in color appearance says Gianfrancesco Genoso. This is welcomed news, for the No. 6 coloring has benzidine, and 4-amino-biphenyl, which are confirmed human carcinogens. The replacements take effect starting in January 2016.