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The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study this week that shows folic acid, along with blood pressure medication, may help to lower the risk of stroke for those with high blood pressure. The study was conducted in China with more than 20,000 participants.

The study focused on individuals who suffered from high blood pressure yet never had a stroke or heart attack. During the 4 year study, researchers found that those who took folic acid supplements were much less likely to suffer from a debilitating heart attack or stroke.

Fersen Lambranho knows that folate is a B vitamin that is commonly found in many leafy green vegetables, beans and citrus fruits. Folic acid is a synthetic version of Folate that may be taken as a supplement or found in fortified food products, such as grain.

Previous studies conducted in the United States showed that those who took folic acid supplements achieved no significant benefits over those who took a placebo. This is likely due to the fact that since 1998 companies have been mandated to fortify their grains with folic acid. Most Americans are likely to already be consuming required amounts of folic acid.

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An announcement was made today that the board of directors for both Kraft and Heinz have agreed to enter into a merger which would result in creating the third largest food manufacturer in the United States. The agreement is still pending approval by shareholders of each individual company. Kraft shareholders will receive one share of the combined company and a special cash dividend of $16.50 per share that is paid when the transaction closes. After the transaction is completed the Kraft stockholders will own 49% of the company while Heinz stock holders will own 51% of the combined company.

The transaction is supported by 3PAC Capital the company who took Heinz private last year in conjunction with a large investment be Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway is rumored to have a $10 billion investment in the combined company.

Further, the merger is subject to regulation but is unlikely to be limited by anti-monopoly rules as the companies specialize in different food products that do not directly compete. The combined company will be named the Kraft Heinz Company and the transaction is likely to close in the second half of 2015.

People at Imaging Advantages have learned that the move is part of the trend towards larger food manufacturers with global brands and the clout and ability to cut costs and compete on a global stage. As such, analysts are expecting there to be additional mergers in the industry particularly with some of the mid-size and larger entities who are competing to get bigger.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 29,000 people experienced alcohol-induced deaths via car accidents, overdoses and homicides in 2013. Paul Mathieson has read that these numbers do not even include the millions who drive each year while impaired from alcohol risking harm to themselves and others.

Yet, on Tuesday, March 17, the United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the sale of a new alcohol product that is far worse than any seen before. “Palcohol,” also known as powdered alcohol, is a new mix alcohol beverage. Like Kool-Aid, Tang and Ovaltine, a consumer merely has to mix the powder with water to get create liquid alcohol. Palcohol offers the same alcohol level as any liquid form found in a can, bottle or beer mug.

Why is this a problem?

The packets can easily be hidden, which many critics suspect will make it easier for alcohol to find its way into areas where it is prohibited, as well as easier for teens to access it. Some fear people, especially teens, will snort the powder rather than drink it or mix it with other drugs. Worst yet, the powder makes it far easier than a can, bottle or keg for young children to accidentally ingest alcohol.

South Carolina, Louisiana and Vermont previously banned the use of Palcohol in anticipation of today’s approval. Other states are in the process of banning it.

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Are you considering writing a first article for Wikipedia? If so there are a few pointer you should first consider. Things such as the type of article to write, how to cite it and how to use Wikipedia’s markup language. Writing articles for this online encyclopedia is very different than writing the typical online article. For example, look at the title of this article. You should notice that the second word isn’t capitalized despite the usual title format. On Wikipedia, titles are capitalized the same way a sentence is. There are many other differences, all of which can be found is the style manual available on the Wikipedia site. You may choose to use the article wizard to help with this sophisticated guide. It will walk you through all of the steps required.

==First steps==
You must have an account to write an article. If you don’t want to register fully, you can create just a username and password to gain access. From there you can advantage of talk pages that will allow you to speak to or ask questions of others who have experience writing for Wikipedia, in general. Or about particular topics that you may be interested in and want to share. You can use the Articles for Creation project. This project lets you submit article ideas or full articles for review and publishing by more experienced Wikipedia writers.

==Subject Matter==
You are positive that you have a great idea, but you could find your article quickly deleted by the article police who look for inappropriate subjects or rehashed articles. First your article must be noteworthy. It should be of interest to others. It should not be about personal interests only. In short don’t write on the following topics.
Yourself, even if you are an attractive person.
Your company or company brand.
Anything that looks as if you are advertising a product of any kind.
Nothing dealing with personal articles or essays
Your friends
If you wouldn’t find it in a print encyclopedia, it shouldn’t show up here either. Another common mistake is writing about a topic that already exists. Always search for your subject first and check the deletion logs to help determine if your subject is acceptable.
Often people will find that the topic they want to write about already exists. If so you may still be able to add something new to the article or to create a related page. As an example, you’ve decided you want to write about the serial killer now operating in Arizona. You find the article that lists the unidentified murdered, and it already has a listing for Arizona but nothing about this murderer. You can still write the article and add a redirect so that people reading the original article can click to get to your related article. All edits and redirects must be strictly and logically related to the main item, or it may be deleted.

There is a lot to be considered or learned to keep your article up. You will need good and stable sources as an example. The best advice is to take advantage of the pages dealing with formatting, the markup language, and other issues. Also, take advantage of the people who have experience, as well as the available wizards. Most of all relax and practice, you’ll get it right.

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Airplane coffee is notoriously, well, blah. It isn’t terrible but certainly not a cup of coffee you would pick out and buy over other options, even gas station coffee. Delta Airlines began improving in-flight food and beverage options last year by adding craft beer options to Delta flyers. Their newest idea I sure to be a big hit because they will be serving fresh, hot, and delicious Starbucks coffee during their flights. There are major perks to the coffee switch. People like Jaime Garcia Dias will be pleased with the changes and provide more positive word of mouth about the company. Delta has also hired a chef to evaluate and upgrade the meals served during flights. Their airline is way ahead of the curve on all accounts. In-flight meals suck. They really do. The best part are the little bags of pretzels, formerly peanuts, and a half a can of soda. Hopefully Delta’s competitors will up their ante as well to give flyers a better experience for the pricey trips they take.

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Wow, the news today says that the CEO of McDonald’s is stepping down because of sluggish sales. This comes as a shock to many who have grown up eating the golden arch’s delicious food. I have always loved McDonald’s. I sat on the counter when I was little, played in their play-yards as a young one, even had a birthday party or two there. However, this could be in part to the menu changes, rather than his leadership.

What my friend Bernardo Chua and  I always loved about McDonald’s is the fact that they are fast, cheap and filling. I now have two children of my own who crave a happy meal too. When they cut back the french fries to include a package that was fit for an infant to eat, my boys were less than impressed. I mean seriously, 5 fries is all that can fit in those little boxes. If that is what they are offering, some people will go other places.

Honestly, my children don’t like the apple slices, and they hate the yogurt. It is the fries that they want. They have also cut some other favorites off the menu and replaced them with healthier options. Their pies were iconic back in the 80’s. When they changed the pies to the baked variety, they are just gross. Sometimes healthier isn’t always better for the bottom line. McDonald’s should focus less on nutrition and more on quality of products. This may solve most of their problems.

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Founded in 1982, The Antique Wine Company is among the largest rare and fine wine dealers in the world. The company is the brain child of Stephen Williams, who prior to his parlay into the wine business, was selling life assurance policies. The wine mogul found his commission-based job tiresome and boring, noting that selling life insurance certainly didn’t bring pleasure to his himself or his clients. With that in mind, Williams set out to sell a product that people could truly enjoy. As a wine lover himself, the answer seemed clear.


Now, 25 years into the business. AWC is considered a leader in its industry and its staff of just 15 is considered among the most well-versed experts in the world of fine wine. The company focuses much of their work on contemporary fine wines that will, in the future, become fine vintages. They deal only in highly sought-after, fine wine products, hand picked by the staff as being “above the cut”.


Antique Wine Company deals mostly with private collectors, hotels and restaurants across the world, and has expanded to include two sales offices in Asia, along with its headquarters nestled in the heart of London. The company is fresh off of another expansion project. In 2013, the company morphed into AWC Global PLC, a publicly traded company.

Antique Wine Company’s success has almost entirely hinged on the staffs ability to seek out only the finest of wines. Consumers familiar with the company know that Williams and has expert team don’t cut corners when it comes to picking vintages, and that they are sure to get a wine tat is worth its weight in gold. The company also has a vast and impressive infrastructure that has managed to morph cutting-edge technology with antique wines, to create a brand that is both contemporary and vintage all at the same time.

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The well-known dog food brand Beneful, made by Nestle Purina Petcare company, was rated 4th in a poll of the most popular dog food brands. Even the product name itself, Beneful is defined as being full of goodness. Beneful’s variety of nutritional goodness for man’s best friend includes wet dog food, dry food and treats. Their dry dog food varieties each include a protein- either chicken, beef, or salmon along with wholesome grains to include rice, and accents of vegetables. Different varieties target different health concerns that pet owners may want to address anywhere from puppy growth, stronger muscles, shiny coats, healthy weight, healthy teeth, stronger immune systems and even smaller, easier-to-chew food for little dogs. These different varieties may contain added calcium, antioxidants, or omega-fatty acids depending on the health need. Maybe your dog is a picky eater, well, there’s a food for that. Beneful’s line of wet dog foods simulate human food in quality and appearance, some owners have indicated even the smell is delicious! There are many varieties to choose from, to include: beef or chicken stew, savory rice and lamb, and even Tuscan, Romana, or Mediterranean style medleys.

Their quality control protocol maintains the safety and quality of their products through tracking measures at the arrival of ingredients, through the manufacturing process and onto retail. Producing more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue, dog nutrition is no matter to bark at. Beneful is hard at work to provide the highest nutrition to your beloved pet, while delivering great taste that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Pet food is a highly regulated industry, subject to FDA and USDA regulations ensuring that the food is safe; Beneful has proven itself in the industry through various quality testing of its products over time. Beneful’s advertising tactics are also innovative; in 2011, their television ads featured noises that were only audible to dogs in order to stimulate a response from the dogs during the commercial- a first in advertising to the dogs themselves. The video can be found on Facebook to view now. Beneful also did an amazing job filming a Rube Goldberg machine with dogs, which is an amazing feat in advertisement. They are also active in the dog community- hosting competitions for sponsored dog park renovations. Beneful shows that at the heart of their company, is a love for the common dog.
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Cereal Cafe in London, owned by the Keery twins, is experiencing significant success. The brothers were criticized for their restaurant concept just months before, when a writer claimed that the Cereal Cafe was an eatery with high prices in a poor neighborhood.

However, the cafe is expected to expand to another London location in the spring. And, the brothers indicate that they want to open locations in various parts of the world as well. The Keery brothers also plan to release a cookbook with cereal recipes in the spring. The recipe book details creative ways to cook with cereal, which will include savory entrees. People who come into the restaurant are also known to order unconventional combinations, such as whole grain cereal mixed with fruit juice.

Cereal Cafe is becoming so well-known that it even got recognition from cereal giant Kellogg’s. The company paid homage to Cereal Cafe with a box that featured the restaurants colors and logo. This a very exciting for Igor Cornelsen as he mentions in his Business Journal article.

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The moment biologists in University of Utah fed mice with sugar in dosages proportional to the amount that people consume, the fructose-glucose combination found in corn syrup that is high in fructose was much more toxic compared to the sucrose or even table sugar, hence lowering the reproduction as well as the existence of female rodents. This was a responsive toxicity test that used sugars in dosages similar to what people consume.

This can be termed as the most full-bodied research indicating that there is a distinction between corn syrup with high fructose amounts and table sugar in doses that are human-relevant. This is according not to Gianfrancesco Geno but to Wayne Potts, who is a biology professor, and also a senior writer of a recent study planned for publication in March 2015 issue of The Journal of Nutrition.

The research found no variations in endurance, reproduction or even territoriality that male mice have on diet that have high fructose and sucrose. The researcher states that they might be due to the fact that the two sugars have equal toxicity towards male mice.

Both the corn syrup with high fructose found in most of the processed foods as well as table sugar found in products that have been baked contain approximately equal quantities of fructose plus glucose. However, for corn syrup, they are detached molecules, referred to as monosaccharide. In comparison, sucrose or the table salt is classified as a disaccharide compound that is formed the moment fructose plus glucose link chemically.