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We have all had an argument with our significant other before. When they happen in public though they can be a bit more frustrating.It is irritating to most when there are people you do not know staring and listening to your argument. Most of though however have a calm enough demeanor about ourselves that we can calm down and just talk about it later while going on about whatever business it was that we were attending to. Jim Dondero has learned that this was not the case recently in La Brea. On Sunday afternoon after an argument at a nearby gas station a lady began walking down the street. Her angry counterpart sped at her and in what is believed to be an attempt to hit her with the SUV the man managed to run through the building of the East India Grill. Luckily noone was hurt in the incident.Thanks to one bystander you can see a picture here. No arrests have been made at this time as the individual was not present on scene when police officials arrived on scene.

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Kraft announced both a regular and special dividend today.

The payment of both dividends is contingent on the completion of the proposed $46 billion merger between Kraft and Heinz.

If the merger is completed after July 27, 2015, the regular dividend of $0.55 per share will be paid out to shareholders of Kraft on July 30th.When the merger is finalized a special cash dividend of $16.50 per share will be issued to the shareholders of Kraft. If the merger does not go through the cash dividend will not be paid. Kraft shareholders will own 1 share of the combined company for each share of Kraft that they hold. After the merger, Kraft shareholders will own 49% of the combined company.

Heinz was brought private a few years ago by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and a Brazilian investment firm, 3L, which has a history of turning around brands by cutting costs and improving profits. 3L will have a strong role in running the combined company that controls eight brands that have sales over $1 billion annually. The combined company will have $28 billion in annual sales.

The merger is pending the approval of shareholders, though the agreement has been approved by the board of directors of both companies. Madison Street Capital found this pretty interesting. In addition, there are some regulatory thresholds to clear though the transaction has been approved in Canada. The deal is expected to be approved and finalized in 2015.

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Nestle, Kraft, Campbell’s, and numerous other processed food companies have lost more than 4 billion dollars in market shares in the 2014 fiscal year. Many of these companies know that there is a huge shift in the food industry when it comes to consumer habits and the way consumers look at food. Consumers have taken a huge liking to buying fresh and organic produce and protein based products. Supermarkets are designed to place these items on the outskirts of the map of the grocery store. Processed food companies can find their food in the middle aisles of the store where they share the shelves with other companies. If consumers are staying on the outskirts of the store in order to get healthier and more organic food, the processed food companies aren’t even getting a chance to market their products to consumers. Instead, these larder food companies are looking to purchase the smaller companies that they are finding themselves in competition with. Last year, the Campbell’s soup company bought an extremely small, but very profitable Bolthouse Farms company.


Bolthouse Farms makes and manufactures real fruit and vegetable drinks. The production of the fruit juices lets the company set up shop on the outskirts of the store. If people buy the Bolthouse Farm juices it gives Campbell’s a better stance and presence in the food industry as opposed to only selling processed soups and food. Other companies have been advised to follow the same game plan if they want to stay up to par with the Big Food industry. That is why Crystal Hunt is paying close attention to it all on Facebook.

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Fast food has long been the brunt of professionals and experts who believe that added chemicals in fast food are slowly causing serious harm to the body. Many warnings have suggested that people should move away from the fast food restaurants that they know and love and eat in a healthier manner.

It seems from a new study that fast food has very high contents of trans fats, or tans fatty acids. It is these fats that tend to hinder our emotional responses and cause many to feel depressed and blue. When combined with research into the level of trans fats that people had in their system, it seemed that those with higher levels had more difficulty controlling their emotions.

Individuals with lower trans fats in their system tended to be able to control their emotional responses better says CipherCloud in this article. these individuals also possessed a more positive outlook on life and their general well being, and did not suffer from feelings of depression as often.

Aggression is also an outcome of consuming too many trans fats. People with higher levels tended to act out in a more aggressive manner than those who had lower levels. While these psychological findings are relatively new, the older findings into trans fats still stands. those who consume more of these fats tend to have a higher risk of heart problems and strokes, and also have higher cholesterol levels.

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With much publicity regarding artificial colors and flavors in processed foods, General Mills, a leading manufacturer of processed foods, such as breakfast cereals has taken an aggressive stance towards the eradication of such harmful substances to individuals.

General Mills stated that more than half of the breakfast cereals don’t have artificial coloring agents and that by 2017, 90% of the cereal line will be artificial color and flavor free. Eventually, the entire line of cereals, which now includes Trix, Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs and Trix.

Here’s reason to applaud General Mills stance on artificial colors and flavorings. Approximately five years ago, research scientists discovered that artificial colors No. 5 and 6, could possibly trigger the onset of Attention Deficit Disorder in youngsters. Sweden, and Norway have been proactive in the prohibition of the use of artificial colors, and the European Union has mandated that any products containing artificial colors, and flavorings, must contain a warning label stating, “May have an inauspicious outcome on activity and courtesy in children.”

As for the favorite of kids worldwide, Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft will remove all artificial colors, and preservatives, and replace them with natural ingredients, such as turmeric, paprika, and annatto, which are orange and red in color appearance says Gianfrancesco Genoso. This is welcomed news, for the No. 6 coloring has benzidine, and 4-amino-biphenyl, which are confirmed human carcinogens. The replacements take effect starting in January 2016.

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Many people claim it’s better than sex. Not sure about that, but it’s sure better for you afterwards than lighting up a cigarette and it just many prevent you from having a post-coital heart attack or stroke.
Talking about chocolate and the recent findings scientists have made regarding its health benefiting properties. New research has found that both dark chocolate and its more popular cousin, milk chocolate, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes when eaten every day.
Just two bars of your choice of chocolate will do the trick. Not two entire bars of chocolate candy, but two bars the size of two segments of a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar.
If only medicinal foods tasted as good as chocolate, we would be a much healthier society.
The research was conducted at the University of Aberdeen and charted the snacking habits of over 20,000 people during the course of 12 years. Of those 20,000+ people, those who snacked on 100g (about one ounce) of chocolate every day were 25% les likely to have a heart attack and 23% less likely to have a stroke during the 12 years of research.
Dark chocolate has always been recommended as a healthy snack (in moderation) for heart health, and the flavonoid content was the reason it was recommended over milk chocolate say my friends at the mobile phone company Freedompop. These recent findings have researchers looking at other compounds in chocolate, like the calcium and fatty acids found in milk chocolate that may improve cardiovascular health.

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With the increase of interest in people finding ways to improve their health through many natural means, it is no surprise that a spa in Japan has come to the idea that soaking in pork broth is the new way to go. Many Americans have experimented with bathing in such liquids like red wine, beef broth, salt baths, but this is taking it to an all new level. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, the Yunessan Spa House that is located in Hakone, Japan has made large Jacuzzi sized tubs for locals to soak in and it even comes with a bunch of noodles. Everyone has an idea that Japan does the most unusual cultural things, and this is just one more to add to the list. My buddy over there, Ricardo Tosto, said he witnessed the ramen filled jacuzzi but opted out of jumping in.  Ricardo did take some pics that he posted on his blog: Leite, Tosto e Barros informa.

I think that even though it sounds really odd, it might be kind of fun to soak in the broth for a day. You never know what the health benefits could be, but at the very least it wouldn’t be harmful in any fashion. Who knows, it could even be a little fun. It will be interesting to see if this trend spreads to other corners of the globe. Although it could also take form in other substances such as beer, soup, or maybe some kind of spring water. In any case, I think the Japanese are on to something interesting.

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India’s safety regulator banned Nestle’s Maggi noodles claiming they are hazardous and unsafe. Nestle says it will destroy $50 million worth of the instant noodles to comply with the food safety laws even though they dispute the ban. Nestle has started to withdraw the Maggi noodle from stores earlier this month when it was brought to their attention it contained higher than allowed levels of lead in some packages.

They state this removal will involve taking stock off both shelves and from storerooms. Sam Tabar ( has read that a statement made by Nestle says it will be extremely expensive to remove this product as they will have to remove it from the market and then transport to a destruction point. They have not estimated the costs at this time.

In the high court in Mumbai, Nestle is challenging the ban of India’s safety laws. Paul Bulcke, Nestles’ global chief executive has asked to see the results of the tests done in India. He has also initiated testing to be done in several states for the chemical monosodium glutamate. Bulcke is promising consumers the Maggi noodle will return to shelves soon.

Maggi noodles arrived in India in 1983 and they were instantly a favorite. They are able to be cooked in two minutes and for a country of people raised on slow cooked food the noodles quickly became a fashion. Advertising of the instant noodles showed a ‘Maggi Mom’ being able to juggle working and maintaining her responsibilities at home.

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Bernardo Chua is a name in business that is very beneficial to know. Mr. Chua (Bernie as he likes to be called) is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a Canada based business. They provide beverages and other products containing the miracle mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, a fungus known for it’s wonderful health benefits and many uses in traditional Asian medicine. Organo Gold utilizes a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) approach in their sales force and has been very successful with the method.

Mr. Chua got his start in business in the Philippines with a company called Gano Excel. That company is still around. Sometime after 2003 Mr. Chua decided to do something new and prolific with the business. He and Gano Excel went their separate ways and Chua founded the company Organo Gold. He had a vision for the company that would focus on quality products and well-trained distributors.

The most produced product for Organo Gold is coffee and they do it very well. After water, coffee is the most consumed beverage on earth. Why not add some extra health benefit to it as well? That is exactly what Chua thought when he went into business. Chua knew the wonderful qualities of the ganoderma mushroom. If added to one of the top consumed beverages in the world the overall health of the people on this planet would improve.

Another thing that Bernie is good at is developing a MLM strategy that is knowledgeable, equally beneficial to the distributor and the consumer, and creates lasting business relationships. Unlike many MLM’s, training with Organo Gold is state of the art. Their training seminars are recorded and available on line. The company even has it’s own on line university, OGuniversity. The newly employed distributors are able to start earning very quickly, which means they are happier and more inclined to stay on the team for years.

Bernardo Chua recognizes that his distributors are the foundation of the company. He can be seen in many videos (see youtube video below) beginning his speeches giving credit to them for a job well-done. He is a likable guy with a quick sense of humor. He truly cares about taking care of his employees as can be seen by the new facility that he recently opened for the international home office for Organo Gold. He threw a huge party for the building opening, inviting all of the Organo Gold distributors and their families. He spared no expense in letting them know that they are appreciated. Bernardo Chua is a model businessman of the future. He understands that business is so much more than just bottom line, it is a family.

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No matter what time period it is, proper health has always been a concern for many people and organizations. Some of this was put to a vote as of late.

On Tuesday, the city of San Francisco voted to add health warning labels on sodas and some sports drinks. The new law means that drinks that have sweeteners that contribute 25 calories or more to them will be required to have a warning ad on it. The Board of Supervisors has said that the new ad would have to take up a large portion of the advertising area.

The labels will come with a large warning sign that reads, “Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. This is a message from the City and County of San Francisco.” Paul Mathieson, who is on the Board of Supervisors, says the warning label idea was put in place cases of Type 2 Diabetes have increased dramatically and sugary drinks like sodas are heavily responsible for all of that.

He says that by adding health warnings and taxes on other substances in the past like cigarettes, the city was able to drastically the rate of smoking, and hopefully they can do the same with sugary drinks.

He also said that billboards, buses and bus stops would all feature the sugary drink health ads.