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Bad breath? Pop a couple of Tic Tacs to freshen your breath or maybe just help with a sweet tooth craving. The tiny little candies have been around since 1969 and not much has changed with the brand. They have always been sold in little plastic containers with a pop-top lid that allows users to just get a few at a time. The last time the company introduced a new flavor was seven years ago according to FreedomPop. Now the great minds of Tic Tacs are preparing to release several new flavors that are perfect for people of all ages that get bored easily. The new Tic Tac Mixers will change flavors while people are eating them, boredom be gone! The company is hoping their new candies will appeal to the Millennials, the target market that most companies are currently trying to reach. The rest of us, slightly older folk, are just happy to have a new flavor of Tic Tac to try, case closed.

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Yesterday, Wednesday, May 13, Domino’s Pizza announced that it plans to offer customers a new method for ordering their pizzas starting on May 20: Customers will be able to tweet an order via the Twitter social platform service. As mentioned on USA Today, no other major restaurant currently offers this option.

Of course, there is a good reason that most restaurants that offer pick-up and drop-off options ignore Twitter as a viable way to get food orders from customers:

Sam Tabar has found that there is absolutely no way to confirm that an order is a legitimate one unless the order comes from a Twitter account that has been verified and marked with a white check mark on a blue cloud background. There are a lot of fake Twitter accounts. Most of these accounts have been created by criminals or teens. As a result, use of Twitter for meal orders opens up Domino’s to a lot of potential prank orders and a lot of revenue loss from wasting ingredients and electricity on these orders. Worse yet, since fake accounts can be difficult to track, Domino’s may have no way to go after anyone who repeatedly pranks the company with fake orders.

Although it is true that retailers have been able to use the option successfully with links from tweets that lead customers to pages where they can buy items, traditionally Domino’s customers pay for their food during pick-up/drop-off.

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People will be sad to learn that the very last family owned Matzo company is going to be closing its doors after 90 years in the business. Streit’s Matzo has been a big part of New York’s Lower East Side culture and now with it being gone, the Jewish traits that once defined the area are going to be out the window.

According to an article found on Grubstreet, the family sold their factory for over 30 million dollars and it has not yet been decided whether or not they are going to reopen it somewhere else in New York. Many of their fans, specifically Kevin Seawright are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes to see that the product doesn’t disappear into a main stream format like many other manufactured foods. This Jewish community has prided themselves in their food and area of this part of New York City, and losing Streit’s Matzo is going to impact the culture and history of the area greatly. Hopefully, they will choose to continue their legacy and open up a shop elsewhere.

I personally am a big fan of Matzo balls and I know that there is a right way to make them and a wrong way to make them. Knowing that one of the original makers of the famous product in the United States is going to be possibly gone makes me sad for all of the residents of New York.

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When you are looking to buy a doughnut and devour it for breakfast, what do you think of? Do you imagine the sticky and sweet doughnuts that you have always loved? Do you imagine something that is flavored with chocolate? Do you imagine something that is covered with powdered sugar? Do you imagine something that is hot and full of flavor?

A Harlem bakery has come out with a doughnut that is different than what you would expect from such a treat. This bakery has come out with a doughnut that will surprise their customers. This doughnut is new and different, and it is something that might grow quite popular. What is the flavor of this new doughnut? It is a spicy hot sauce. The sriracha doughnut is something that offers those who eat it a bit of heat with their favorite treat. Susan McGalla doesn’t care for that, but some at the Post Gazette might be a bit more willing. For those who enjoy eating food that is a little bit new and different, this doughnut is a fun surprise.

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You’ve probably raided your fridge for a midnight snack before. If so, you may have noticed that binge eating is easier to fall into during the late hours of the night. Not because you’re really that hungry, but because you just don’t feel satisfied enough to stop munching.

A new study has shed some light on this phenomena by looking at brain stimulation during various times of day. By using MRI scans, researchers watched brain activity in people who viewed pictures of various foods. Gianfrancesco Genoso found this study very interesting, and it has even been talked about amongst those listed on Top Lawyers.

Researchers noted that brain activity was higher when participants were viewing images of high-caloric junk foods, and lower when veggies and other healthier foods were shown. But what they also noted was that during night hours participants’ brains had a more subdued response to food.

The diminished amount of brain activity during evening hours helps explain midnight munching. Since food isn’t triggering as much neural activity, you don’t feel as satisfied as you normally would feel during other hours of the day.

But while this helps explain why we are more likely to binge on food, scientists still aren’t certain what causes the decreased brain activity in the first place. It’s possible that the body’s natural cycles of waking and sleeping have something to do with it, but further research will have to be done in the future.

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Bulletproof coffee is unlike any other coffee company around. When people were drinking up to 3 cups of coffee just to wake up in the morning, executives got together and looked at history to fix this problem. Caveman coffee is a product that gives people a boost of energy that they need and it also helps them to lose weight. This is all done by adding a heap of butter to the product. Some call it cowboy coffee due to its strong nature.


Those who eat according to the “paleo” diet plan is who this company tends to focus on. The company states that users can accelerates brainpower with grass-fed butter and medium chain triglycerides added to their special blend of coffee beans. So what makes Bulletproof coffee so special? Their beans are processed by the sun and allowed to wither over a period of time. They also use a harvest method by pressing them and allowing the bean to spoil. Once fermented, the beans outer layer is removed. By pressing the beans in this specific way, it creates a great deal of Mycotoxin. These MCT’s, as they are often called, enhance the flavors of the coffee.


They only use coffee beans from their farm in Guatemala. The farm’s location is 1250 meters above the level of the sea. This makes the right elevation to produce amazing coffee beans. This means everything to their client’s health. Their process detours harmful molds and bacteria’s and has a huge impact on the overall health. They are careful about harvesting and only clean the beans in cold water.


Their property is Passive Organic in nature. This family owned business doesn’t allow any herbicides or pesticides to get into their beans. It’s costly for Central American companies to have a certified organic title in this party of the world. However, they feel it is worth the cost for the product that they produce. Each of their harvesters do the harvest by hand. Their people are skilled and very knowledgeable about what to pick and which is a ripe berry. Even big-name celebrities are getting on-board with this trend.


When it comes to harvesting, they only do their beans in very small batches. They are Rainforest Alliance Certified and have a high ranking as the number one roast in America. Their goal is to produce a product that is superior to their competitors, yet it leaves the customers with an amazing and mouthwatering experience

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If you’ve been missing your favorite Blue Bell ice cream indulgence because of the recent recall, you may have several more months to wait. After the listeria contamination that had the company recalling eight million gallons of the frozen treats, no further products are being made, as all plants have shut down for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, documents received by the Houston Chronicle indicate that the company knew about its sanitation problems as far back as 2013, but didn’t do enough to correct the issues. And not just one plant found sanitation problems that were not properly handled either. Several of Blue Bell’s plants had reports of finding positive results for listeria throughout the factories on floors, pallets and other surfaces that the food did not come in contact with.

After having found indications of the dangerous bacteria on the non-food interaction surfaces, Blue Bell should have initiated further testing on surfaces and equipment that the food does come in contact with, but failed to do so. At the Oklahoma plant for example, water condensation was found to be dripping into frozen sherbet containers during the production process. Food safety expert and Seattle attorney Bill Marler said, “They just didn’t look for it in areas where the risk to the consumer was the highest.” Better employee training, major sanitation and plant upgrades are planned throughout Blue Bell’s plants.

Thanks to my friends at Madison Street Capital for keeping me safe from Blue Bell Ice Cream.

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It seems that one of the most loved fast food restaurants has introduced a new treat that will bring them even more fans. In the world of McFlurries there are not a whole lot of options. A new McFlurry has been debuted that is different and fun – and great for those who love caramel and cookie along with their chocolate according to the hedgefund manager Keith Mann.

McDonalds has come out with a Twix McFlurry for those who love the candy bar. This new treat is just in time for Summer, a season where McFlurries are devoured more than ever. This new McFlurry is a treat that will be loved by kids and grownups alike. It seems that this new McFlurry isn’t the only change that McDonalds has brought about. The fast food chain has other things up their sleeve, and only time will tell what other changes will be made and what other treats will be introduced.

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It looks like those non-stick pans that are increasingly popular are not all that healthy.

According to the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, more than 200 scientists concur on the dangers of Teflon chemicals, one of the most popular DuPont products.

The aluminum pots and pans coated with Teflon containing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a synthetic chemical that produces nonstick and slippery finish are causing lots of controversy for the health problems it generates.

But not just Teflon pots and pans. The chemicals can be found in carpets, makeup, and even wax paper.

In animal studies it has been found that PFOA causes:

Major changes in organs including brain, prostate, liver, thymus and kidneys, and high toxicity.

Death of several rats exposed to PFOA.

Changes in the pituitary gland in female rats, at any dosage. The pituitary gland controls growth, reproduction and many metabolic functions.

PFAS has been associated with tumors in at least 4 different organs (pancreas, liver, testes, and mammary glands) in animals tested, and proven its involvement in increasing prostate cancer in factory workers

Scientists argue that home cooking in Teflon pans compromises the health for you, your family and pets.

The chemical substances build up in the body and don’t break down over time.

Scientists have been requesting global cooperation limit PFAS chemicals and offer safer alternatives.

Foodies at Boraie Development are concerned to learn that studies have found that in just 2-5 minutes, nonstick pans that are in contact with high temperatures can produce hazardous substances. Teflon begins to disintegrate and give off toxins at only 230 degrees.

At 360 degrees (3-5 minutes), the nonstick pans release six toxic gases, including two carcinogens, two global pollutants and a deadly chemical to humans at low doses.

The next best option is Pyrex containers with a lid and cook in the oven at low temperatures.

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Great news for Americans, yet another famous restaurant chain is getting rid of harsh and unnecessary ingredients confirms Susan McGalla of Although Panera’s food seems fresh and untouched by factories there are, in fact, a whole bunch of additives, flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives are lurking in their delicious menu offerings. Panera is beginning to make changes to their recipes beginning summer 2015 and ending some time in 2016. Chipotle recently announced it will provide GMO-free ingredients and McDonald’s is ceasing the addition of human antibiotics to their chickens. There finally seems to be a start to transparency in what restaurants, particularly chains and franchises, are putting into consumers foods. This is the kind of positive trend that more companies should take notice of and jump on the bandwagon. Frankly, the Food and Drug Administration needs to seriously examine the chemicals, additives, sweeteners, preservative, and processes used to create inexpensive foods and their long-term health effects on our nation. Many common ingredients in the United States are illegal overseas, enough said.