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Dog food is big business, almost $24 billion worth and the gourmet dog food market seems to be growing as well. As Americans look for healthier options to feed their families, their furry companions are coming along for the ride as well. Over the past few years the sales of premium dog food has surged to over $10 billion. Consumers are growing weary of the overly processed and additive ridden foods of years gone by and are starting to realize their pets can benefit from farm fresh foods as well.

Many of the larger pet food companies have started to acquire these gourmet food start ups in order to levy their processes into a more commercial product. Purina bought Merrick Pet Care in attempt to buy into the cache and quality that gourmet pet products offer. Purinastore also has their Beneful line of dog food that offers real food in every bowl.

The Beneful product line gives consumers a wide variety of options when it comes to feeding their pet. Ingredients like chicken, salmon, beef and eggs offer pet owners real food to give their dog or puppy depending on their needs. The food is packed with protein and shows Purina making another powerful step in offering consumers high end and fresher products.

The trend in dog food is not only offer more “farm to table” options, but to give consumers an affordable product that their dogs can enjoy and their owners can comfortably buy. Once again this is where Purina stepped in with the Beneful products. Along with the beef, eggs and other proteins, Beneful also offers real fruit and vegetables to round out their pet’s diets. Purina also has wet dog food in the Beneful line in case consumers are looking for something other than the dry dog food options.

Freshpet Inc. is another gourmet dog food company that is offering refrigerated dog food, but has been struggling profit wise to find their footing. Whether consumers continue to purchase high end dog foods on Amazon remains to be seen, and that is why the larger companies like Purina are offering their products at a variety of price points.


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If you are George Soros, you can smell a financial crisis from far aloof. Speaking during the recently held World Economic Forum in Sri Lanka, Soros said on Bloomberg that China is having a hard time finding footing for a new growth model and its operating currency has been so devalued such that it has transferred problems to the rest of the world. He also hinted out that a return to positive interest rates is an enormous challenge for the developing world and that the current financial situation is very similar to the 2008 global financial crisis.

During the first week of 2016, stocks, global commodity as well as the stock markets were under fire. On top of that, the sinking Yuan currency has added a lot of concern about the strength of the country’s economy especially now that it is trying to shift away from manufacturing towards offering investing and offering services. Not less than $2.5 trillion was wiped away from the global equities value at the beginning of the year.

George has a major worry with the Chinese current predicament. He says that the country has not a small adjustment problem and that it is very likely to become a crisis. His careful look and analysis of the financial markets is that there is a serious challenge that looks very similar to the 2008 crisis.

It is not the first time Soros has warned about a repetition of the 2008 crisis. In September 2011 in Washington, he warned that the European-Greece debt crunch would be more grave than the 2008 financial crisis.

His analysis and opinions are never taken lightly. He is the globe’s richest hedge fund manager with a net worth of not less than $27.3 billion. His hedge fund has managed to get an average of 20% yearly on gains between 1969 and 2011.

He made a debut in the headlines by netting $1 billion dollars in the United Kingdom in 1992. He is very well respected in the financial markets and his analysis and opinions are taken with a lot of seriousness.

When he started his career, he made a name for himself by making the correct predictions and also his investment prowess. He considers himself semi-retired and is active in philanthropic activities. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundation, an organization that is well respected when matters related to promoting justice, open society and human rights are concerned. He can be used as a testimony that hard work and passion pays in anything that one sets their mind to achieve.

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If you are thinking of starting a business, it is probably a good idea to create some online presence for it. An online presence can be created by employing tactics like the putting up of websites or pages online that provide detail on the kind of goods or services you sell. Wikipedia business page creation is another brilliant way to have a presence online. Most of the websites and online pages can be created from the comfort of your home. With a little expertise in website design and content creation, you can manage to have a page up in no time. When it comes to Wikipedia pages, however, more knowledge and skill is required. There are very stringent rules that have to be adhered to for such pages to be accepted and put up on the internet.

Most of the rules on Wikipedia pages touch on the kind of material that is put on the page. If you have come across many of these pages, you will realize that most of the content is highly informative and usually lacks an advertisement aspect. You are not allowed to make a Wikipedia page that is filled with praise and other content that advertises your business. The pages are required to have factual and informative information that does not misrepresent the nature of the business described. Additionally, Wikipedia pages should have proper citations indicating the source of the information used in the pages.

The technical rules that surround the creation of Wikipedia pages can be too much for an individual or business person to handle. Hiring Wikipedia writers can actually make it a very easy task. The advantages that come with hiring expert writers for Wiki pages are numerous. These writers understand all the regulations to be followed in the creation process. They also know what to do and what things to avoid doing so that you get a page that is acceptable by Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki is a team of well-equipped and highly experienced Wikipedia writers who have been in this business for sometime. This team of writers serves the purpose of taking out all the stress from Wiki page creation. Their deep understanding of all the relevant rules and their experience will guarantee you of a page that will meet all the standards and get accepted immediately. Imagine the convenience that they would bring you if you hired them for this job. Contact them by visiting Get Your Wiki and have the job done for you. 

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FreedomPop has been a leader in the cell phone service world for some time, and they are stepping up efforts to release their free global plan. The free plan is a Godsend for many people who are unable to afford a cell phone, and the company recently raised $50 million to help with the release of this program. The global release of the free plan will take the service from North America to Europe and beyond. This article explains how far $50 million will take FreedomPop’s free plan.

#1: FreedomPop Wants To Move Beyond North America

The FreedomPop coverage area began in North America, and the company has spent countless millions to ensure that they can service North America well. The free plans in North America are quite popular, but the company has always planned to move over to Europe and Asia. The new infusion of capital will help the company move to Europe without worrying about a loss of income or cash flow.

#2: The New Hotspot

FreedomPop is going global with a new hotspot program that charges a one-time fee to its customers. The $49.99 free for every customer offers free service in 25 countries around the world. The hotspot may be used in any of the countries covered by FreedomPop, and the company plans to expand its service to reach as many countries as possible.

#3: FreedomPop Could Become Part Of A Larger Network

The FreedomPop management team has raised quite a bit of money to fund their company, but they were recently given $50 million by a private investor. No one is saying who the investor is, but it is possible that FreedomPop will become part of a larger corporation. The investor could buy out the management team of FreedomPop, and global service could become a reality sooner rather than later.

#4: FreedomPop Operates Differently

FreedomPop only purchases data to fund its services. The data is used on every phone to offer minutes a long with texts and mobile data. The company is saving millions by purchasing data alone, and their business plan could become a new model for the industry. FreedomPop is blazing trails that other companies are not willing to use.

FreedomPop’s new $50 million investment will help them expand their free global service and hotspot. They may become part of a larger corporation if the investor is a private equity firm, but free cell phone service is still a reality for many consumers.

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George Soros is one of the richest people in the world. He grew up in Hungary during the Nazi occupation in World War 2, came from nothing to become a billionaire. In recent years, he has become involved in philanthropy and is known for his heavy interest and influence on the European political landscape.

Soros recently laid out why he thinks the European Union may dissolve soon. It involves a number of recent crises.

The Greek Crisis

The European Union was meant to be an open society, a collection of equal, friendly countries. But once the Greek crisis hit, the relationship is becoming one of debtors and creditors. The conditions of repayment have enraged Greek citizens and raised tensions throughout Europe.

The Syrian Migrant Crisis

Soros thinks that the way that Angela Merkel has welcomed the Syrian refugees into Germany has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Because there is no firm policy on how many refugees are allowed in and where they will be brought to, this has lead to disarray and discontent throughout the EU.

Soros believes that the European Union needs a complete plan to respond to the refugee crisis. He further claims that countries beyond Europe need to be involved to accommodate the huge number of refugees involved.

Russia is a Looming Threat

George Soros has also claimed that Germany is going to have an issue with Poland. Poland is flourishing, and Germany needs it to help guard them from Russia. But while Poland and Russia do not get along, both countries do not agree with Germany’s current course of actions.

The Terrorist Attacks in France

On top of all of that turmoil, the terrorist attacks in Paris and the subsequent manhunt exposed a lot of ugly things going on in Brussels. Molembeek in particular has held an astonishing number of different terrorist organizations quietly lurking there, so close to the international airports of France, Germany and the UK.

As the world’s richest hedge fund manager, George Soros has a lot of pull in the political world. When the man talks, people take notice. The question remains if his dire prediction will come true, or if the European Union can find some stability in these turbulent times.

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Jon Urbana made a name for himself playing lacrosse for Villanova University. Urbana returned to his hometown of Denver after graduating with a degree in economics and decided he would expand his talents. Urbana decided to start a rescue mission for cats. His Animal Rescue and Adoption Society finds homes for cats in the Denver area. His Animal Rescue and Adoption Society has made a difference in the amount of cats that are euthanized each year. Jon started a GoFundMe and a CrowdRise Fund to raise money for his non-profit organization, and the response has been better than expected.

Urbana didn’t stop there. Jon also started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, so Lacrosse players could learn the basics as well as the advanced techniques that make Lacrosse such a popular sport in countries around the world. Urbana still has time for business ventures as well. Jon is actively involved with a Danish company that is expanding their product line in the United States, but Jon’s energy doesn’t stop there. Urbana’s nature scenes have been published by several photography sites around the web. His photo gallery represents one of his passions which is respecting the environment and all the life forms that depend on it.

There are so many different faces of Jon Urbana that it is hard to list them all, but when all his interests are presented in one format, those faces come together in a cohesive way. When his love of music and flying are added to his profile, Urbana reminds the world that one man can change the course of time. One man can impact the environment in a positive way, and that energy becomes contagious for those that are watching it unfold.

Jon’s legacy is still a work in progress. Urbana has many challenges to overcome, and he plans to face them the same way he faced all the challenges in the past. His ability to dream big and his incomparable desire to do good for humanity, and for animals, isn’t going unnoticed. People around the world are discovering Jon Urbana’s good deeds, and they are trying to duplicate them in their own way.

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It is a brave new world for technology that has the power to change lives. I was just introduced to this new concept of visual search and image recognition technology that is meant to make online shopping easier for people to handle. The hassles of going to a shopping mall for your purchases are over, so you won’t have to stand in any long lines unless you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can use AI assisted shopping technology to find everything from a plunger to a new hat to a cat perch. The technology is so accurate in producing results by using the pictures that users produce. Frankly, it was startling to realize how far we have advanced technologically in the recent years.

Slyce Redefines The Way You Shop

When I found out about this new online shopping craze I went through the applications that are available on my device, and I was pleased to find that Slyce is an application that has a great user interface that is easy to use. Slyce also produces the most accurate results because they have people working to make sure that the AI is working properly. Their customer care team actually helps make the list of results better for the user by adding their own suggestions to the AI generated results. Slyce is available on all platforms, and they are a growing company to keep your eye on as this technology progresses.

Quickly after going through the visual search apps, I was pleased to find this article by MIT Technology Review that encapsulates the way that online shopping technology has changed over the past few decades. This is still a relatively new concept, but some of the biggest and best companies have been working hard to develop it, so you know it is getting more reliable as time progresses. One of the head developers at Pinterest talks about visual search technology in the article. He talks about how the technology is becoming more valuable and indispensable.

I’d like to start relying on Slyce for all my online purchases. I do most of my shopping online, especially near the holidays. I like how Slyce has a cool way of letting me know when the retailers have special discounts and promotions coming up at their locations.

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With the human and asylum rights at the core, the European Union needs to formulate a comprehensive plan. The union needs to accept the blame for the lack of a common refugee policy that in the recent years has transformed growing influx of asylums into a political crisis from a merely manageable problem. Every member of the state is focused on selfish interests and act contrary to the expectations of the general public. This has resulted in panic among the general public, the asylum seekers ads well as the authorities responsible for maintaining law and order. The worst hit victims are the asylum seekers.

To adequately and rapidly respond the crisis, the European Union must use a comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan that asserts effective governance over the flows of the refugees so as to take part in an orderly and safe way. For the plan to comprehensive, it must extend beyond Europe. This will be much less expensive and disruptive to maintain refugees close to their location.

While Syria is the primary source of this crisis, the population of Syria must be prioritized. Nevertheless, the migrants and refugees must not be forgotten. A global response must accompany the European Union led by the commonness of member states of the United Nations. This will be the best way to distribute the Syrian crisis burden over the many nations in the world while trying to establish international standards for dealing with problems of the same kind. Comprehensive plan components will assist in this crisis.

The European Union should provide enough funding to the refugees. The union must provide at least $16,800 for every refugee to take care of their health, education and housing costs. The EU is capable of raising these funds through their AAA unused borrowing capacity that can add benefit to a justified European financial system incentive. The Union should then lead the world in providing funding to the three countries of Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan in supporting the millions of asylum seekers there. An Asylum and Migration Agency should be formed to oversee a smooth process of transition. This information is found in MarketWatch.

In 1947, George Soros fled from Hungary to England. He studied and graduated from London Economics School in 1952. He obtained certification to work in a local commercial bank. In 1956, Soros migrated from England to the United States and held investment management and analyst positions in three New York firms.

In 1973, Soros founded the Soros hedge fund Management Company when he went off on his own. It has grown to the now respected and reputable Quantum fund and the founder of the Open Society Foundations. His fruitful and aggressive hedge fund has racked up 30% profits every year with 100% profit in two particular occasions. This information is found in Investopedia.

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If you recently have gotten on track to a healthier way of heating, do not forget your dog. You might consider easing them on a healthy food kick also. For humans and dogs, good nutrition ensures that you both maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid getting health issues in the future. A pet owner and dog also will feel more motivated to get regular exercise such as walking together daily.

As for you a healthier diet consists of selecting foods with high fiber content like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and reduce foods containing refined sugar. For dogs, food meant for humans should be avoided and can be toxic. Never feed them avocados as they contain the harmful substance known as persin. Also avoid onions, garlic, chocolate and alcohol. A great dog food must provide nutritional balance and consist of real meat for adequate protein, vegetables, vitamins and minerals such as Beneful dog food.

While you want your dog to eat nutritious food, at the same time they must enjoy it because if they do not, they will turn their nose away from it or just eat a bit of it and you do not want them to become under-nourished. If your dog is partial to wet food, try out Beneful’s Prepared Meals with honest to goodness real ingredients that they can sink their teeth into. With flavors like roasted turkey medley, chicken or beef stew, poultry variety packs (simmered or roasted chicken) and lamb stew, these little packs are full of plenty of vegetables and smell delicious.

Another great option is Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry food. This includes real chicken, more than 20 minerals and vitamins and this blend assists dogs in keeping a healthy weight. If your dog is slightly on the sluggish side and there are no health issues causing it, try this variety as it may restore their energy. For small sized dogs, Beneful Chopped Blends selection provides well-rounded nutrition also, which contains wild rice, beef, carrots and tomatoes. This flavor also offers this mixture but with salmon, lamb or chicken. Don’t forget your dog’s coat which should be shiny and dandruff free. Beneful makes a food specifically for dogs that need to improve their coat called Healthy Radiance. Besides pure salmon, this contains omega fatty acids, which is essential for a dog’s healthy skin.

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The internet has completely changed the way people shop, communicate and even do business. Today, the world revolves around information. Information from websites, blogs, and even from mobile apps. Currently, there is a very big number of social networks readily available to any traveler who feels the need to connect to other tourists or people travelling on the road. However, one phenomenal application is using its network to connect local people as well. The application’s name is Skout and it was originally created to help people who want to expand their social circle.

The application has seen very radical changes since it introduced a travel feature. With not less than 10 million members from around the globe being active users, the travel feature allows people to take virtual journeys being assisted by locals (also Skout’s users) from the other end to their regions of interest. The feature is so popular that those who are already accustomed with it have started turning those virtual journeys into real ones. In many cases, users have built friendships through the app to an extent that they have even visited one another.

When initially introduced, the app was expected to be used in assisting users make new friends from different cities. In fact, many have termed it as the modern day adult pen pal system that has made many adults make good friends from different cities and countries. The application was also expected to be used as a tool for those planning to visit a destination but lack contacts to get them through it. So far so good, the company has had success with both missions. The application has been received warmly by users and even though it is not exclusively a travel application, it has proved to be immensely popular with young adults who want to have a better experience with the world and make connections with new people.

Skout has proved to be a massive social and communication application that is easy to use and also free to download from the Google App Store and Play store. Another good thing with it is the fact that it is available in many different languages and compatible with both IOS and Android devices. Those who have not experienced Skout will no doubt love it’s unique features and easy to use interface. It can be used as a good example of an application that has and will continue changing the way people communicate without giving them any user challenges.